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Tangere.Net is an HTML5 framework for Touch & Mobile App development. Visit for a complete feature list and architecture overview. ArchitectureSM

A live sample site is available at

The Tangere.Net backend is a ASP.NET MVC3 application and the front end is pure HTML5/JavaScript. The front end is based on an extended MVVM architecture and uses knockout.js for data binding and templating.

Tangere.Net includes the “SmartPresenter” allowing to use a single Tangere.Net App on both smart phones and tablets.

The current version is only tested with iPhones and iPads. Support for Android, Blackberry and Win8/IE10 devices will be added in the next version.

Update 1/30/2012 - Version 0.2

* Internationalization (i18n)
* Authentication, roles & profile
* Tile layout

Update 2/16/2012 - Version 0.3

* converted Tangere backend to Orchard Module



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